Pacto Europeu para o Clima

O Pacto Climático Europeu é uma oportunidade para as pessoas, comunidades e organizações participarem na acção climática em toda a Europa:

  • Aprender sobre as alterações climáticas
  • Desenvolver e implementar soluções
  • Conectar-se uns com os outros e maximizar o impacto destas soluções

Compromisso da Ecozoic - Pledge

“Ecozoic pledges to to carrying out at least two environmental and humanitarian awareness action for the community per month. These actions include the organisation of an annual congress on sustainability, monthly events open to everyone with a speaker, monthly events with experts on various topics concerning the environment and human rights, posts on social networks; face-to-face actions with populations to inform them about the European Climate Pact. It also commits to continue attracting young students to the Association so that they can participate in Ecozoic’s activities and get involved in solving society’s problems.”